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Coffi Mysore yw'r rhai mwyaf adnabyddus a mwyaf poblogaidd o'r holl goffi Indiaidd, mae ganddyn nhw asidedd corff a bachog da. Mae'r proffil blas cyffredinol yn unigryw iawn, gyda gwyrdroi sbeislyd, sinamon, cardamom, nytmeg, ewin a phupur sy'n tyfu ochr yn ochr â'r coed coffi.


SKU: 0014
    • Medium to Full Body: The blend typically has a medium to full body, providing a satisfying and substantial mouthfeel.
    • Smooth and Balanced: Expect a smooth and well-balanced flavor profile with a pleasant harmony between different taste elements.
    • Bright Acidity: A bright acidity that adds liveliness and vibrancy to the blend. It can have citrus or water melon notes.
    • Delicate Floral Aromas: You may notice delicate floral aromas, such as jasmine or lavender, contributing to the aromatic experience.
    • Fruity Undertones: The blend may feature fruity undertones, such as hints of berries or stone fruits, adding complexity and sweetness.
    • Clean and Crisp Finish: The finish tends to be clean and crisp, leaving a pleasant aftertaste on the palate.
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